Commodity Brokerage Charges

Paterson Commodities welcomes you to the exciting world of commodity derivatives. Clients who are new to the markets may take some time to start trading freely. So, you need to be careful while choosing brokerage plans. To support such clients, Paterson Commodities offers a special brokerage plan. Here, a fixed brokerage rate applies for the trades done. These fees are charged as a percentage of your trade value or depending on the size of the transaction.

Benefits of the Fixed Brokerage Account

Online Trading Platform: Paterson Commodities facilitates higher accessibility and availability ensuring ‘Anywhere Anytime’ trading facility through very low bandwidth.

Maximise returns: Customised brokerage charges increases your profits. The fixed fee account helps you to reduce costs and maximise returns.

A customised research service provided by the branch helps to drive your portfolio.

Our Technical analyst team has years of experience and expertise in the analysis of Commodities, Currencies and Equity markets.